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Welcome To The SFX Aromatherapy Blog!

Welcome To The SFX Aromatherapy Blog!

It is true – I’ve been through a few things in my time. But little has delighted me as deeply as my journey into the aromatherapy essential oils and their effects on my moods, my energy levels, my creativity and general wellbeing.

In fact, I’ve enjoyed it so much, and I’m enjoying it so much still, I’m going to blog about it!


I’m hoping to share ideas, insights and recipes in the months to follow.

Thank you for visiting!

StarFields aka Silvia Hartmann

Author, Aromatherapy For Your Soul

AromaEnergy: Creative Aromatherapy

The Magic Garden

March 2008

Osmanthus Essential Oil Aromatherapy

Learn more about Osmanthus Essential Oil AromaEnergy style ...



Update June 2010:

Welcome to the all new SpaceNode Aromatherapy Blog.

Here you can find the articles from the old Wordpress blog, and new ones too.

AromaEnergy continues to delight and more than that, support, heal, uplift, make the world a much, much happier place.

God bless the plant kingdom, and bless the radiant aromatherapy essential oils!

SFX June 2010


PS - First time here with AromaEnergy? Try the Magic Bottle, get a sense and feel of what we're doing here ...

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Silvia Hartmann, Autor Of Aromatherapy For The Soul
Silvia Hartmann

Author of Aromatherapy 4 Your Soul, Creative Aromatherapy & Aromatherapy Blog.
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