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Repairing Holes In The Aura With Helichrysum

Repairing Holes In The Aura With Helichrysum

An interesting story I came across the other day was a reference that using Helichrysum essential oil was particularly good for “repairing the holes in the aura caused by tattoos”.

Here are some thoughts on the topic and an easy technique to use Helichrysum (or any other essential oil of your choosing) to heal injured ereas and thus, close up the holes in the aura.

I hadn’t thought about it, but it makes sense to me that this might be the case.

There may also be a case for some people putting tattoos on places where there are already disturbances in the aura or in the energy body in general.

Often, people choose protective symbols like power animals, crosses, skulls and crossbones and so forth which would work as warding off to certain energy forms.

It’s an interesting thing.

But either way, if you feel you have weak spots in the aura, try some Helichrysum – whether you have tattoos or not.

Helichrysum Essential Oil Aromatherapy


"Holes In The Aura?" Pattern

Breathe down until you are reasonably calm.

Become aware if there any places in your body that feel as though they are particularly vulnerable, feel overly sensitive, feel as though they may be easily attacked.

Make a note of these places because they denote a potential disturbance in the energy system which is reflected by a "hole in the aura" higher up.

Mix a little Helichrysum essential oil with a carrier, StarFlower springs to mind, but anything light and golden will do.

Massage the erea of your body that feels vulnerable with the oil, paying attention and keeping a healing intention throughout.

It helps to remember

  • that your healing hands of energy know what to do,
  • that the erea wants to be healed (it will try to heal itself, always, that's what all our systems are designed to do),
  • and that the Helichrysum lends a powerful helping hand.

A delightful form of energy healing using aromaenergy.

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