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Organic Essential Oils - Worth It, Or Not?

Organic Essential Oils - Worth It, Or Not?

Essential oils produced from organically grown plants are much more expensive than those produced from generally farmed plants.

In this product test I'm comparing Bergamot essential oil in both version to discover whether the higher price for organic essential oils is worth it - or not.

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Price Per Drop Of Essential Oils?

Price Per Drop Of Essential Oils?

It is actually quite difficult to compare prices amongst aromatherapy essential oils. A bottle of Valerian might cost ten pounds, or twenty - but read the small print and there may be only 5ml in a 10ml bottle, or 3ml in a 5ml bottle.

But what is a milliliter when it is at home? How many drops are in a milliliter? I've calculated a price "penny per drop" for some of the most popular aromatherapy essential oils to give us a bit of a guideline in this minefield of sizing and pricing.

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Cheap Aromatherapy? No, JUST Aromatherapy!

Cheap Aromatherapy? No, JUST Aromatherapy!

The other day, I got a link request from and went to check them out.

The site looked nice and inviting and I was short of some essentials so I decided to take the leap of faith and do another aromatherapy product/site review.

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