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Aromatherapy Meditation: The Magic Garden: Get this wonderful guided aromatherapy meditation on CD or instant download quality audio MP3, walk in your magic garden and find the right plant for YOUR perfect remedy! Click HERE.

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Aromatherapy essential oils blends and recipes

Aromatherapy 4 Conference Stress

Aromatherapy 4 Conference Stress

One of the most wonderful aspects of aromatherapy as a self help technique is to create the exact right blend for the exact right purpose - and when you get your aromatherapy essential oil recipe right, wow, what a difference that makes!

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Silvia Hartmann, Autor Of Aromatherapy For The Soul
Silvia Hartmann

Author of Aromatherapy 4 Your Soul, Creative Aromatherapy & Aromatherapy Blog.
A NEW Book on Aromatherapy: Aromatherapy For Your Soul
Aromatherapy 4 Your Soul

AromaEnergy for the emotions and the spirit in pictures and stories. Unique and powerful.
Creative Aromatherapy With Silvia Hartmann
Creative Aromatherapy

AromaEnergy in action - find out lots of new ways to enjoy your favourite aromatherapy oils.
The Magic Garden Meditation with Silvia Hartmann
The Magic Garden
A truly magical guided meditation to find wonderful healing plants in your own sanctuary garden. Wonderful!