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Aromatherapy 4 Conference Stress

Aromatherapy 4 Conference Stress

One of the most wonderful aspects of aromatherapy as a self help technique is to create the exact right blend for the exact right purpose - and when you get your aromatherapy essential oil recipe right, wow, what a difference that makes!

I'm a member of the organising committee of the Eurpean Energy conferences and this year we have more delegates than ever, more presentations than ever and I'm teaching more courses than ever.

And I'm getting stressed :-)

As a practicing energist, I'm well aware of the signs of stress and I know many things I can do to let it all flow away and go "aaaah ...." when necessary.

But my very dear friends, my essential oils, are always definitely a part of my day, and after a heavy session of work, that's where I often go to not just release stress, but to bring some beautiful unique and nourishing energy forms into my system.

Today, I wondered what I might like, what would be really helpful and perhaps even sort out things I don't even realise need sorting out.

As a result, a rather unique blend came into being - Tagetes, Frankincense and Hemp in Starflower oil as the carrier!

Try and get a sense what that smells like, and what that would do to you if you rubbed that on your hands, wrists, neck and face (allergies permitting as always of course).

I just did that and "Wow!" isn't really the word anymore. That was way beyond wow. I could feel the ruffled feathers of my aura settling and starting to sparkle, it was really wonderful.

Making up something for yourself there and then, the right thing at exactly the right time, that's a different level of aromatherapy self help altogether. You can let your intuition, your energy mind and your body sensations come out to play and create something that is much more than just a remedy, but a real tonic, a boost, a wonderful gift.

Be creative. Don't just go for the old recipes every time, ask, "What would really make me happy, right here and now, today?" to get something that really hits the mark.

Perhaps I'll never use this particular (and slightly peculiar!) blend ever again, and perhaps I will.

But each day is a new opportunity to engage with my essential oils afresh, let go of what anything is supposed to mean and just feed the energy system, feed the soul with those wonderful energies.

Such a gift, so thank you God for making plants, thank you to my essential oil suppliers, and generally thank you! for making the world such an amazing place to be.

Posted Nov 7, 2013   
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