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Black Magic Bottle For Black Sites

Black Magic Bottle For Black Sites

We have added a small black magic bottle and a large animated bottle for black/dark websites upon request of Ariadne who said:

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Aromatherapy For Your Soul At EMO 2008

Aromatherapy For Your Soul At EMO 2008

Just one week left to go – and I’m really looking forward to giving my Aroma Energy workshop presentation at the ET08 conference!

It’ll be delightful, to say the least, to share my wonderful experiences with working with the energies of these radiant nature gifts in small bottles with the conference crowd.

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Welcome To The SFX Aromatherapy Blog!

Welcome To The SFX Aromatherapy Blog!

It is true – I’ve been through a few things in my time. But little has delighted me as deeply as my journey into the aromatherapy essential oils and their effects on my moods, my energy levels, my creativity and general wellbeing.

In fact, I’ve enjoyed it so much, and I’m enjoying it so much still, I’m going to blog about it!

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The Magic Garden
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